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Welcome to the Remnant of the Worldwide Church of God


We are not a new group but we are members of the Church of God who are holding fast to the "faith which was once delivered unto the saints", the TRUTH that was restored to the Church by Jesus Christ, the Living HEAD of the Church, through His 20th century apostle, Mr. Herbert W Armstrong. We are committed to holding fast to all of these TRUTHS without compromise.

New Article Posted

Where is the One True Church NOW?

A new article that is titled "Where is the One True Church NOW?" has been posted. It is geared towards helping God's people find the ONE TRUE CHURCH after the most recent defection from the truth.

Many have asked and now want to know, where the One True Church can once again be found? So where is it now? Where can it be found? And are there any identifying characteristics that can be used in locating it. This all important Biblical subject will be covered in detail.  


Many questions on this matter will be answered, and they will be answered by an apostle who led the one true Church in the 20th century, Mr. Herbert W Armstrong. The article contains a number of Biblical characteristics that were described by the one who was chosen because he would not compromise the truth. This document will help God's people identify the ONE TRUE CHURCH at the end of this age. A loving God, after all, would not make it impossible for His people, if they are sincerely willing to search for it, to find His true Church.

The "Articles" Section

A most important part of this website is the the "Articles" section. The documents in on this page are filled with quotes from a wise apostle Mr. Armstrong, whom God used to raise up the Philadelphia era of the Church and who faithfully adhered to all of the TRUTHS that were revealed to him by Jesus Christ. They contain some of the most vital Biblical teachings that were entrusted to him in the 20th century. And many of them pertain to this exact moment in time. They are a must read for everyone.

 Contend for the Faith

Brethren of the one true God, God expects His people to "contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints" Jude 3. The apostle Jude exhorted the beloved brethren in the first century to do this during a time when a defection from the truth was occurring and you are exhorted in love to do this as well. Know that when a defection from the truth happens in the Church, it is a test for God's people to see if they will follow the truth and thus the living HEAD of the Church Jesus Christ, or if one will compromise and follow a man, or even worse, defect from the truth entirely (Deuteronomy 13:1-4 & I Corinthians 11:18-19).

“And I’ve been working hard the last 2 ½ years to get this Church back on the track after others were getting it off the track. I don’t think we’re 100% back yet. I don’t think we have gotten all of the leaven out yet. But it’s going out, believe me. And we’re going to get it out.


Let’s not be part of those virgins who don’t have any oil in their lamps. If you have any doubt in your mind, begin fasting and praying, asking God to give you his spirit. But his spirit will only open your mind to understand his word. And you will have to follow it. The holy spirit is not going to pull you, it’s not going to push you, it’s not going to compel you. It’ll show you the way. You’ll have to begin to want to walk on it on your own power and you’ll have to ask God for extra power and help. Brethren, we’re in the very last days. And we need to be sure that we are ready.” 

                   Sermon, “Church History” (DUB), Herbert W Armstrong, 1981

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Jude had become aware of the great need to earnestly appeal to Christians to contend or fight for the faith which had been delivered to them. Apostasy was fast setting in; men were turning to error and leading away disciples after themselves. The Church was being divided.


“What Is the Faith?


Let's note carefully the meaningful words Jude used. He was urging them to defend the original faith they had been given. Many of these people had been converted by the preaching of Christ's apostles. Some may have even heard Christ Himself. They got the truth first-hand — directly from the apostles who had obtained it from Christ who had faithfully delivered it from God the Father. There was no question about what the faith was. It had been faithfully given to them!


This faith, meaning in this sense the body of beliefs and practices handed down by the apostles, forms the essence of the meaning of God's Church. Together with the prophets, the apostolic teachings form the foundation of God's house — Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone (Eph. 2:20). Any superstructure not built upon this foundation is false; it will not stand (I Cor. 3:10-15).”

                    Good News Magazine, “The Faith Once and for All Delivered”, August 1974


"When they shall stumble, they shall be granted a little help"

Daniel 11:34 NET

The Remnant of The Worldwide Church of God

“‘And the gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice; he calls his sheep by name and he leads them out. When he has brought all his sheep outside, he goes in front of them, and the sheep follow him, because they knew his voice. They will not follow a stranger’ (John 10:3-5 Moffatt Translation)


“Now he doesn't drive them. He leads and they follow. And there it is again, Christ leads. He does not drive anyone. If you notice, Jesus Christ never once forced anyone to agree with Him or to believe what He preached”

          World Tomorrow Broadcast, “Truth Restored”, Herbert W Armstrong